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Autotalk is a live call-in Radio Program helping the consumer save money on car repairs and purchases, while  directing listeners into service facilities and informing them about our advertisers products or services.  Autotalk  is syndicated on the Weekend Radio Network  by Clear Channel Satellite Services. Autotalk  provides, Automotive News, Car Buying Tips, Vehicle Recalls, Secret Warranty's,  Automotive Sport Results, New Vehicle Reviews and live questions from our listeners. 

Current Stations: KPLS Los Angeles. XM Satellite Radio.

Clear Channel Satellite Information

Satellite: AMC - 8
Orbit Slot: 139
Service: XTRA / CCSS50 (right)
Receiver:  Starguide III
Frequency 1022750 kHz

Suggested Dish Size:  3.7 Meter or greater (Solid)
Authorize a receiver:  Call 303-925-1708 (24/7)
have the serial number ready for the technician.
Equipment Sales:  303-925-1708;

Our Mission

Our commitment to our listeners and sponsors is to provide the best informative radio program while giving our listeners reliable entertaining information and providing our advertisers with a vehicle to move products and services.


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PHONE:   909-278-4959

FAX:  909-278-0507
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