AutoTalk  With Host Norm Lafave

A call in show for everything from Cars, Trucks, RV's, Boats, Ultralight's, lawn mowers or anything that has a gas or diesel engine.
Saturdays at 12 noon -3pm Eastern    9am Pacific - 12 noon Pacific    

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Autotalk features:                   

Live call-ins                   How to segments                   Mail Bag   

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Listening to good advice

Today, more listeners from all over the United States and beyond are listening to the Auto Talk for expert advice. The syndicated, three hour radio call-in show with automotive expert Norm Lafave covers miles and miles of vital topics, from trouble-shooting and preventative maintenance to automotive news and views. And there are always a few surprises too! Autotalk is "unique", "informative" and "entertaining", appealing to men and women alike.

For the past sixteen years (more than 900 programs), people have been listening to Norm Lafave talk about Cars, Trucks, Boats, Air planes, Ultra-lites, and even Lawn Mower.  During each program, the phone lines are jammed with callers - evidence that in today's high-tech automotive age there's a real need for a program like Autotalk with Norm Lafave.

The motoring public really listen because they know that the advice from Autotalk can save them both time and money. Autotalk is the kind of show that benefits everyone who listens! So, if you haven't tuned in yet... why not?

Test us. 

If your vehicle shakes, shimmies or does anything else out of the ordinary,
call us toll-free this Saturday morning between 3:00am and 12:00am (Pacific) at 1-866-704-TALK (8255)  If you can't call us on Saturday morning, no problem! Just leave your name, city and telephone number on The Autotalk 24 hour voice mail system and Norm will get back to you.